• Pedway Rehabilitation

Cambridge LRT Pedway

The architect’s vision for this City of Edmonton rehabilitation project stemmed from the Jasper Avenue streetscape located above the tunnel.  Utilizing Ocular Perforated Panel Imaging technology, the perforated panels will create a timeline image of Jasper Avenue that transitions over the extent of the tunnel from a historical point in time to present day. Additional perforated metal panels are attached to the ceiling to provide a cohesive look.

As an integral underground pedestrian link between Central LRT station, ATB Place and Cambridge Tower, the new pedway design will reflect a piece of Edmonton’s history.


**This project is currently under construction.  Please check back soon for updated photos.

The Client

Avid Architecture

EllisDon Construction Services

The Project

Cambridge LRT Pedway Rehabilitation

Quick Facts

6 different photographs and river valley map cross sect 34 different panels to extend a length of 98 feet

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