• Outdoor Cafe Patio Fence

Cafe Patio Fence

The client was looking to add some interest to their commercial outdoor sidewalk patio to help set it apart from the rest.  Given, our longstanding relationship with Kor Alta Construction, the Ocular team proposed the Birdsnest Motif pattern as a forward-thinking design for the fence panel.  Without a doubt, everyone knew this sidewalk patio fence would turn heads.  Within minutes of finishing the install, our team was approached by another tenant asking about the outdoor patio fence panel for their own restaurant.  I guess you can say, the divider did its job in setting itself apart and attracting attention to the Dairy Queen location!

Installed with stainless steel fasteners this project succeeded in surpassing the expectations all involved and can truly be viewed as a decorative outdoor sidewalk patio divider that is sure to catch the attention of patrons and fellow restauranteurs alike.

Don’t forget to stop by for a treat next time you are in the Shoppes of Jagare Ridge!


The Client

Kor-Alta Construction

The Project

DQ Sidewalk Cafe Patio Fence

Quick Facts

Using our Birdsnest pattern, we were able to laser cut each panel out of .125 mill aluminum with a durable powder coat finish to ensure longevity against the elements.

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