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Landscaping Privacy Solution

Whether it’s privacy you are craving or wanting to screen out the sun or an unsightly neighbor’s yard, privacy screens can help to redefine your outdoor space.

For this project, the client came to us with a landscape plan designed to include privacy screens. The privacy screens were sought after to add a level of seclusion to the yard and patio from the walking trail behind their home.  The landscape design plan called for 4′ x 4′ privacy screens to be located between 4 sets of large timbers. Working with the clients to nail down a decorative pattern for the privacy screen, we looked through many designs including some custom versions. After this consultation, we adapted one of the decorative patterns to have less openess.  We did this by thickening the pattern lines to provided more privacy.  Each privacy panel was also designed with return flanges so that the panel could fit snugly between the timbers for direct fastening from the backside. The panels utilized aluminum sheet, with a high endurance powdercoated to withstand the elements and provide a maintenance-free decorative feature for years to come.

As a great addition to the clients yard, the privacy screens add a sense of style and a level of seclusion desired!

The Client

Private Residence, Edmonton, AB

The Project

Landscape Patio Privacy Screens

Quick Facts

Powdercoated black aluminum, each Motif screen is 4’x4’ in size with return flanges for direct fastening

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