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Synergy Entrance Feature Sign

The client was looking to add some artwork to their office foyer that incorporated a photo of one of their own projects and company logo.  Looking for more of a statement piece that just a photo, Synergy knew of our Ocular Perforated Imaging Technology from our relationship on past projects.  With a broad vision for what they wanted, the Ocular team optimized various digital images from Synergy to give a proof of concept.  Once Synergy landed on a photo of one of their recent projects – Rio Verde, they knew they found the image that would help convey their work and brand.

Material choices were narrowed down to bare aluminum and stainless steel before finally choosing to go to a white aluminum composite for its flawless finish and unsurpassed ability to create contrast in the image given the materials black core once perforated.

Installed with stainless steel cap head mounting pins, this project succeeded in surpassing the expectations of the Synergy team and provided their office foyer with a standout feature that could be appreciated as a piece of art.


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The Project

Synergy Office Foyer Feature

Quick Facts

First project to merge photo and logo together to provide a cohesive look

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